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About Us

Hi there!

We're Steve, Adam, Anne, Tom, Sam and Alexis. Our collective pursuits include: commuting to work on the Yuba Spicy Curry, carrying large pizza boxes and other bikes on the Tern Quick Haul, morning rides at Table Mountain, loading up bike bags on the Esker Hayduke, gravel rides at Waterton Canyon, cortados, space-themed beers, dogs, and most cats and old cameras, to name a few.

At Slohi we carry the bikes we like to ride. We love riding bikes of all shapes and sizes, on road and off, with our families, friends, and sometimes all by ourselves. We see bikes as tools for adventure and exploration as well as utility vehicles for errands around town. No matter your skill or experience level, we’ll have something in the store to get you out on two wheels.

What kind of bikes do we service and sell?

They're as diverse as the people who ride them! Some examples of our favorites include (but are not limited to):

  • Cargo Bikes, kids' bikes, and family biking, including electric cargo bikes from Yuba, Tern and Benno.
  • Commuters, city, and hybrid bikes.
  • Electric bikes and e-bike conversions, plus e-bike service, diagnostics, and battery testing.
  • Mountain bike (MTB) demos, sales, and service, including suspension service. 
  • Road, gravel, and touring bike sales and service

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