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Colorado eBike Rebate Program

Denver's #1 Stop for Electric Bikes 

Save up to $1400 on a new eBike at SloHi with the 2023 Colorado eBike Rebate Program! 

SloHi believes in electric bikes and electric cargo bikes. We have been selling and servicing eBikes and eCargo bikes for longer than any other shop around. 

We can often be found riding our eBikes to work and around town. We replace car trips with two-wheeled excursions, carrying big loads in our racks and baskets.

Come test ride an electric bike or electric cargo bike and see our city in a new way. Reduce car trips (and car payments) by commuting with an eBike instead. 

We stock electric bikes from Giant, Liv, Momentum, Orbea, Tern, SWFT, Benno, and Yuba.

Colorado eBike Rebate Overview:

Personal Eligibility:

This instant rebate is offered to all Colorado residents over the age of 18 who make the median income or lower for their county. Full eligibility details are available at the bottom of this page. 

eBike Eligibility:

All eBikes stocked and sold by SloHi are eligible, with the exception of a few full-suspension eMTBs. Our staff is happy to review your needs and budget in order to make the best recommendation for you and your family. 

How It Works:

Below is an overview of the Colorado eBike Rebate:

  1. Colorado residents must first apply online with the state to confirm eligibility and rebate levels. 
  2. If you are selected the state will contact you to submit further documentation.
  3. You will receive a rebate voucher from the state administrator. This voucher is as good as cash towards your new bike. 
  4. Buy your eBike!

Apply for eBike Rebate

How to buy your eBike:

Purchase in-personVisit either SloHi location to meet our team, test ride a bunch of eBikes, and redeem your rebate when you're ready to buy.  

Order onlineUse either coupon code below to apply your instant rebate to an online order. We will verify and process your rebate voucher at pickup. 

When you buy an eBike from SloHi you can rest assured that it has been assembled by a professional bicycle mechanic using the best tools and expertise in Denver.  All ebikes come with a FREE new bike follow-up tune. 

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